espacio productivo: nuevos parámetros para valorar una vivienda

The factors that make a home is valuable are undergoing a fundamental transformation. One of the factors in transition is landscaping. 

Ornamental landscaping is OUT. It's becoming a sign of a wasteful person (the proverbial grasshopper) that's unprepared for what is coming. A sign of moral and intellectual weakness. 

Productive landscaping is IN. Productive landscapes can be summed up as the ability of a home's land (and by extension, the land of the community it is a part of ) to produce valuable products and services efficiently. 

Or, looked at another way, how good is your land at:
capturing solar energy/nutrients/water (measured in volume),
transforming those inputs (the production system measured in the number of different processes at work and efficiency), and
producing beneficial products that sustain you or make you income ($ or lifestyle equivalent)?

Those homes (and communities) with highly productive landscapes (little labor, zero energy, little irrigation, few wastes, etc.) over as many yards/acres as possible are the homes to own. 

In a sign of how unprepared we are: the US ornamental landscaping industry is composed of 90,000 companies that generate $50 billion a year in revenue.

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