cooperativa con base en un ecobarrio: Lanxmeer EVA

EVA lanxmeer (Eva-Lanxmeer or E.V.A. Lanxmeer) is the name of aéco-quartier (240 houses) built from 1994 to 2009 in the Dutch town of Culemborg in the Netherlands. It is an environmentally-friendly-housing development.

It was initiated by Marleen Kaptein, who was looking for a more sustainable way of building housing in urban areas. The project was a strong partnership among future inhabitants and the city of Culemborg, consultants and other people.

It incorporates many of the principles of high environmental quality and eco-towns, but its principal originality is the promotion of the constant participation of the inhabitants. Indeed, this area (except for his masterplan) was designed and conducted with representatives of future residents in a creative process (bottom-up; from bottom to top and not imposed by management or administration), often regarded as a model for several of its aspects (for example in Europe by Energie-Cités and in France by the Department of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Sea). It is therefore become an international reference, regularly visited by architects, urbans, developersfuturists or groups interested in the sustainability, from European countries, and sometimes the United States, Japan, etc..

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