Earthen Hand: proyecto en código libre de construcción de una vivienda con superadode por 15.000 $

Let's create the Regenerative Home. With this proposal, we are raising funds to showcase technologies for homes that are ecological, affordable, and appropriate for these times. We will build the second prototype this summer in Colorado (earlier version shown in the intro video). Throughout the construction we will document in film and photography. The building plans will be available this year online for $10. Plus, in a subsequent fundraising effort next year, we will assemble an online documentary film about the process so others can learn from and recreate these ideas. 

The movie above shows you what the Hiperadobe (a type of Earthbag)earthen wall system looks like in action. The Regenerative Home design uses the hiperadobe system for the walls, and an ancient Nubian adobe vault method to enclose the space. This was used by humanitarian architect Hassan Fathy. It is still popular today in many countries because it minimizes the use of wood by replacing it with earth, and is very durable. Similar adobe vaults that are thousands of years old still stand today. The Regenerative Home uses this age-old roofing technique with additional reinforcement to ensure safety and longevity.


This research benefits everyone. Billions of people on the planet need energy efficient and cost effective homes that improve quality of life. We aspire to meet the increasing demand for buildings that provide for basic human needs without overusing earth's resources. This design uses appropriate technology for high performance and very low embodied energy. 

Regenerative design of buildings is one excellent way to take care of people and the planet into the future. The word 'Regenerative' describes this approach best, meaning that the design allows us to live while benefitting the natural systems that surround us.


I'm Scott Howard, an eco builder who teaches workshops and builds world wide. I founded Earthen Hand Natural Building in 2002 to promote cutting edge building technologies and education. I've remained on the forefront of earthen building since then by taking on projects that push the limits of what has been done. View the portfolio at the website link above to get a peek at these past projects. Now I'm working with a team of designers, builders, and engineers on this project to help people discover healthier and happier living through regenerative design. Our team is poised to build the prototype Regenerative Home, and has ample experience to do so. 


By inquiring widely among builders, scientists, permaculturalists, engineers and architects, we have encountered some of the best methods that we feel need to be tested and demonstrated today. Below are the details:
  • produces food in entryway greenhouse, includes vertical gardening
  • processes all human wastes using botanical cells
  • needs little to no heating or cooling with passive heat storage
  • stores solar heat in vegetable oil
  • solar electricity and LED lighting
  • rain catchment and myco-filtration of drinking water
  • reuses water many times before it leaves the home
  • myco-insulation (made of mushrooms)
  • adobe (Nubian) vault with reinforcement
  • earthbag (hiperadobe / rammed earth) walls 
  • stabilized geopolymer (eco MgO/P cement) exterior layer
  • upcycles bottles, cans, tiles, and other items from the waste stream
  • earthquake and fireproof
  • employs permaculture design and edible landscaping
  • can be built for around 15k USD in materials
design adapts well to most climates


Tetsuko, the director of Wirikutu Peace Fellowship where the home will be built, is a Buddhist meditation teacher and elder. The Wirikutu Peace Fellowship, near La Garita, Colorado, plans to become an eco-village and buddhist retreat center. The Fellowship is associated with the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, and is a deserving location to create this prototype.

How we will use these funds:

The funds raised here will allow us to bring the all-star crew from Earthen Hand Natural Building to Colorado to complete the home this summer beginning mid July. Simultaneously, we are raising additional funds for half of the building materials with a concert on July 7th in Boulder, CO, called 'The Regenerative Home Benefit Concert'. Some of the remaining materials costs will be covered by private donors and in-kind donations.

Any extra funds over our stated goal amount will greatly help us to ensure we can purchase all the materials, and improve the project documentation we can do on this round of the prototype. The quality of the footage we get on this project will contribute to our future open source documentary film. 

Future open source documentary:

We will fundraise 40k in early 2013 to complete a documentary film about the construction of a Regnerative Home. We will build a 400-500 square foot version of the design pictured here. This film and all associated building plans will be available on the web. Watch for our campaign next year for the 'Regenerative Home Documentary'. Without this initial funding now, we will not be able to proceed as planned to achieve the open source documentary next summer.

*Please support this research today.*

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Thank you sincerely.

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