Lateral Thinking Factory: consultoría sobre el habitat

Lateral Thinking Factory is a strategy consultancy, dedicated to achieve better human habitat, through fields such as architecture, urban design and construction. Lateral Thinking Factory is a Think-Act network, connecting expertise with decision makers interested in changing the way they grasp and develop human habitat.

Think embeds research, training, knowledge exchange and dissemination enriching our consulting services. Act means adopting a structured process nurtured with innovative methods, to generate holistic vision and lateral paths for idea generation, in order to set milestones for a successful design implementation.

Lateral Thinking Factory engages its network comprised of a wide base of highly ranked experts to validate intuitions.
We closely operate our platform of expertise to reach excellence and deliver great construction, architectural and urban design to clients with maximum innovation, creativity and effectiveness. The name Lateral Thinking Factory comes from our ambition to address key issues by voluntary adopting a lateral approach, because we intervene upstream of clients questions to better help decision makers taking the right decisions.

Our vision is fundamentally…lateral: our core objective is to move away from the 1 + 1 = 2. We believe that 1 integrated with 1 is a more relevant and efficient approach, therefore our expectation is to reach way more than 2! What does this mean? check out our Services.

At Lateral Thinking Factory, we support projects according to the Cradle to Cradle paradigm, including the active participation from top-notched experts such as Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle concept co-owner).

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