una casa de balas de paja por 6.000 euros en Escocia

$6,260 strawbale house in Scotland

Steve built a £4000 ($6,260) unpermitted house in Scotland a few years back with local materials. (He hopes to build it for less next time.) The results are marvelous as you can see. His websites are packed with wonderful photos and drawings that show the details. Now you know why I get so excited about natural building, especially when there are no codes to deal with. At just a little over $6,200, just imagine how many hundreds of thousands of homeowners (or millions) could build their own debt free homes. This is something most Americans can afford. Compare this to paying $500/month rent for one year = $6,000. Or invest $6,000 in a natural house and live rent free for the rest of your life. Lots of people are already living this way, and there’s obviously a groundswell of interest as this information spreads.

Large workshop

Some interesting stuff here:

Note: the average house price in Britain is above £220,000.
Thanks again to Jason in the UK for another great find. He’s been sending links every day to very good sites.

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