casa Ensculptic (1969)

The Ensculptic House, also known as the Mushroom House was built in 1969 and was, for intents and purposes, way before it’s time. Architecturally speaking it’s flowing lines and rounded archways, and deep recessed nooks and crannys give this home a post-modern-old timey feel and pays homage to ancient building techniques, while keeping with the modern design principles. The aesthetic similarities with cob homes is striking. But that’s where it stops. Unlike cob the home is built with nylon cables as supports, fiberglass, burlap, and spray on polyurethane foam.

“…The home was built in the summer of 1969, when experimental architect Winslow Wedin road-tripped up to Minnesota from Auburn University with seven architecture students. They camped out all summer, stringing three-quarter-inch nylon cables into a spiderweb pattern and fitting custom-made burlap into the open spaces. Then they sprayed polyurethane foam which turned rock-hard in about 30 seconds over the entire structure…” via: Star Tribune

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