Hermit House: Open Source Building. Con App para diseñar tu casa con manual on-line: planos, costes y cómo hacerlo

The Hermit Houses collection offers a growing range of small design houses with character. 

Leading the dream into reality: we offer numerous affordable building scenarios from prefabricated DIY construction kits to open source building manuals and in the near future a mass customization design application.


We believe that architecture should strive to give people a place of their own in harmony with their surroundings. We also believe that building is a culture that involves collaborating, sharing tools and knowledge.

We think that the internet can organize a new 'e-building vernacular' as examples of open source software have shown. In our enterprises we strive to use and support these philosophies.

Underlying the current Hermit Houses collection there is a unique building method and software package that allows us to design small houses in numerous varieties and quickly make them into reality. With this 'mass-customization' way of producing we can suit local constraints and serve the specific needs of clients without a lot of extra costs.

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