vivienda redonda autosuficiente y auto-construida en barro

I love my life! I live in the Alentejo, Portugal, where the air is clean and the Atlantic sea crashes onto the coast. I live near a small village 20 k's inland. My daughter and Nuno and their daughters live in the village :). I love to make things/stuff. I am a spinner, felt maker, writer, painter, gardener, builder, mother, grandmother,.... I am working on a permaculture project with lovely RL, and we are learning together. We have built an earthbag dome and I have built a cob building with a green roof, and we have started to do lots of permaculture ish stuff. The land is situated on the side of a steep hill, with an old windmill on top and a cluster of cottages below. The view is 360 degrees of hills, cork oaks, wheat fields, goats and lots of sky. I like to write about my life here and want to share it with anyone who is interested.

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