Koda: pequeña casa prefabricada que se monta en 7 horas

Developed by Kodasema, an Estonian design company, the Koda can be dismantled or reassembled in seven hours. Inside it has a living room, kitchen, dining area, lofted bedroom, and bathroom. Koda is small too, with a footprint of just 25 m2 (269 square feet).
“KODA’s components are manufactured in a controlled and optimised factory environment. As a result erection on a chosen site takes no more than seven hours… KODA doesn’t need any special finishing once built either – allowing you to move in straight away… All KODA needs is a level footing and connection points for water, electricity and sewerage.” – Kodasema
The shell is thin but well-insulated. The windows are quadruple glazed. Through a grid-tied solar system it can produce send more energy back to the grid than it uses. Koda is also free standing and doesn’t require a foundation. The finishing materials are all non-toxic.

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