Domespace: vivienda circular autoconstruible que cambia la orientación

More years ago than I care to remember, I bought my first Citroën car, a DS21 Goddess. The innovation was mind-boggling. In following years I owned various French cars finding them all idiosyncratic but delightful to drive. But over time, global conformity set in and the innovation died. But it’s back! This time in the form of a modular home!

This home really challenges conventional thinking and building technologies the way that Citroën did. Firstly, it rotates to allow you to follow the sun in winter and avoid it in summer. It is built entirely from sustainable materials – plantation timbers, granulated cork and laminated beams, and it is extremely energy efficient.

Follow the sun…

It’s cost efficient, competing on equal footing with conventional building systems, can be owner-built as a kit or totally prefabricated, delivered to site and erected for you.

We see a huge future for modular homes as they have the potential to offer high quality, cost effectively. And while this home may be unconventional, it typifies that advantages on offer. And it has that wonderful French flair that André Citroën bought to motoring.

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