vivienda autoconstruida y autosuficiente por 2.000 $

This cabin is 14x14 with a full loft and approximately 400 square feet of living space. Downstairs is Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining and Living area. Upstairs is a large Bedroom and Office. There is enough room for 6 people to sleep comfortably.

Power system is 580 watts Solar electric and 400 Watts wind power which powers a 12 volt fridge, lights, water pump, TV's, laptop and many gadgets. Heat source can be propane or wood stove. Toilet is composting or a septic tank system.

The cabin is designed for year round use and is fully insulated for cold climates.

This cabin design has been tested in Canada, Mexico and Alaska with great results. Perfect for a starter home, hunting/fishing cabin, bug-out shelter or vacation cabin.

The cabin can be built from all new materials for under $2000 (not including windows and doors) and is designed for additions on 3 sides. Plans for additions and complete material lists are included in the ebook.

You will get a complete 355 page Ebook guide with step-by-step directions for building the cabin including material list and detailed instructions for installing solar and wind power.

Plans included:

1- How to build a 14x14 cabin for under $2000
2- How to install solar and wind power
3- How to build a solar composting toilet
4- How to drill a water well and harvest rain water
5- How to find cheap homesteading land
6- How to build an outdoor wood furnace and install a wood stove
7- How to install propane appliances
8- How to build cabin additions for more room
9- How to make a living from your homestead
10- How to build a wood heated pallet hot tub
11- How to raise a garden and build simple animal pens
12- How to keep your cabin secure and safe

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